Jay Cox, holding a bookHello, my name is Jay Cox. My mission is to help you protect your financial future. I help create a retirement game plan for you using a combination of planning and protection products guarantee your retirement income and provide comprehensive health care plans to all Hoosiers from young professionals to retirees.

As a young man, I spent six years in the Marine Corps before attending college utilizing the G.I. Bill to earn my Bachelors and Master’s degrees in Accounting and International Affairs. I worked briefly in accounting before pursuing a career in financial services. I have worked 20 years in a major Wall Street investment firm, providing group benefits for large corporate clients.

In 2002 I left Wall Street to start my own financial brokerage firm here in Central Indiana, Personal Benefits Service. I provide personal benefits for small business clients and comprehensive health care plans Hoosiers of all ages. 2017 marks 15 years of successful business from my office at Fort Harrison in Lawrence, IN.

Unlike typical benefits brokers, I’m able to shop around for the level of coverage you need at the best price. Whether you’re an entrepreneur looking to plan for your future, seeking comprehensive health coverage or a retiree looking to enhance your Medicare coverage, I am ready to help you navigate to the perfect product for your needs.

What separates the work I do now from previous practice with large corporations is my ability to provide tax-advantaged benefits directly to small business owners and their families. I believe small business owners deserve special attention when planning for a dependable income in retirement and finding health coverage.

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