Client Comments about Jay Cox

Jay Cox in his office

“I’ve known Jay for over 10 years now.  He does several seminars every year detailing all the companies he represents.  He has been a great help over the years.”  Sandra H., Noblesville

“I have been with Jay for many years.  He looks after his clients and has annual meetings with the current up-dates.  He is very knowledgeable for your needs.”  Peggy H., Fishers

“Hi Jay, we are happy that we have met you and have stayed with you.  You help us to find right and affordable insurance for us.  You always offered to improve our insurance.  Thank you very much for your care.”  Sofia B., Indianapolis

“Good morning Jay:  Liz and I have been with Jay for 15 plus years and he has offered many different plans for several different uses.  We have been very pleased with all of Jay’s services.  He will tell you as it is.”  George E., Carmel

“A few years ago, we had the opportunity to attend a benefits program hosted by Jay Cox.   His research and willingness to host meetings to keep us informed has been helpful.  As we prepared for our retirement years, Jay was always available to answer questions or suggest programs.  Personally, I am grateful for his help and advice.”  Carrie W., Fishers

“Jay happened to be in the right place during our time of need, and helped us through.  Jay is very knowledgeable and ready to help.”  Fred A., Greenfield

“Jay is like a faithful friend who knows a lot of information and shares it with his group who come to his scheduling meetings.  Many times he has answered my questions over the phone.  He has been very kind to me when I don’t quite understand.  Thanks Jay”  Joyce L., Fishers

“Jay has been a valuable asset to make sure we have the best quality of services at the best cost for our needs.  We had worked with Jay on my mother-in-law’s needs first, and later came back to Jay because of the great work he did with her.  Jay is both knowledgeable and a pleasure to work with.”  Roy V., Noblesville

“I have been working with Jay Cox for many years.  He is very helpful and answers all my questions.  Whether it is about health care or some financial situation I’m not clear on, he helps me decide what’s best for me, and he surely helps.” Charlene S., Carmel

“Jay Cox was the first person who ever sat down and explained the different insurances.  He’s always available to answer any questions.  And once a year, he gets us all together to tell us about anything new or answer any more questions.”  Christine M., Indianapolis

“I have been satisfied with service and my agent.  I want to continue with your company.  Thank you.”  Clyde A., Frankfort

“Jay Cox is an honest man who goes out of his way to make sure you are covered with the best insurance possible.  He does his research on all plans each year, and holds annual meetings to explain any changes that may affect your coverage.”   Lee M., Greenwood

“I have become a long term client because Jay is always looking for the best programs available for you, the individual.”  Doug C., Noblesville

“I am quite pleased to tell folks that Jay Cox took good care of our medical insurance coverage for many years.  We have been so grateful for his excellent expertise and advice.  Since my husband died, I found out how important his help has been for me and my family, and I wish to say – thank you very much Jay!” Faith B., Anderson

“Probably most noticeable would be the $600 a month savings.  A big pat on your back about being available for any questions we have.  Have several meetings (free) a year to keep us up dated on new or changed items that would affect our program.”  Gene S., Indianapolis

“There’s a lot of confusing information.  It can be very misleading.  I like idea of getting help to understand these plans but not being pressured to accept any particular one.  One other reason my wife and I stuck with Jay, if a plan becomes available that will save us money, he lets us know.”  Harold B., Noblesville

“For many years, Mr. Jay Cox has been an excellent agent to me.  He is dependable and very knowledgeable. If you have any questions or comments, you are welcome to call him for assistance.”  Susan B., Greenfield

“It is very important to have an individual like Jay Cox who cares about you as a person.  He is very knowledgeable for your needs, having someone you trust.  The plan I am on is fantastic.  Jay stays in touch, and if I leave messages, he always calls me back.”  Marilyn T., Indianapolis

“Jay Cox explains in a very simple way how changes may affect us.  Mr. Cox is truly an asset to his profession and has been for years.”  Peter L., Noblesville

“I am writing to communicate why we joined Jay Cox some time ago, and why we continue to obtain services from him.  Without a knowledgeable person who takes the time to inform me about my options, it would be impossible to make the best decision.  Jay is very knowledgeable and always takes time to inform his customers about things they need to know.  My understanding has improved exponentially since joining Jay.  My plan is to continue with Jay for the balance of our journey.”  Carlton R., Indianapolis

“Jay has been my representative for over 10 years now.  He has made my getting older easier by helping me.”  Patricia S., Fishers

“Jay is a great person to work with, he explains everything in an easy fashion.  He helped us decided what plans we needed, and he follows up to make sure the plans are meeting our needs.  Jay is always one step ahead.  My family is very happy with all the hard work that Jay does for us.”  Janice H., Shelbyville

“I like the fact that you personalize what’s otherwise an impersonal process.  You tailor it to our individual needs.”  John G., Broad Ripple

“I lost my husband in 2014 and my world was turned upside down.  I had so many things to deal with and I felt so lost.  I knew I needed help to get my benefits in order.  He stepped in and took care of it.  I never have to worry about that because he is on top of it.  Thank you Jay Cox.”  Hazel M., Fortville

“Thank you so much for helping me time after time with no complaints!!  Thanks for making everything so clear when I have questions.” Myrna P., Indianapolis

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