Here’s a very important question: Has this coronavirus made you ready to retire early? With this pandemic now, have you considered retiring before age 65?

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Well, if you have considered it, or even if you’ve already done it, one thought may still be holding you back if you leave your workplace coverage:

What can you do to get health insurance until you reach age 65 and start your Medicare coverage?

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You can still get an individual health insurance policy to cover you up til Medicare at 65.

The monthly premiums can be as low as you want to make them.

And if you’re within 3 years of turning 65, you can buy one policy that’s guaranteed to cover you until age 65 when Medicare begins.

With a fixed premium that won’t go up, and coverage that can’t be cancelled.

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No annual renewal will be necessary, because your coverage is guaranteed to last until 65 regardless of whatever else might ever happen to you up until then.

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